"Captain's gig"

Gig - easy Fleet sailing and rowing boat with
6-10 oar oars, sharp bow and transom stern .
Geeks were widely used until the beginning of the 20th century on warships for the patrol of admirals and commanders in the fleets of Russia, Europe and the United States.
Length 11.7 m
Width (maximum) 2.1 m
Number of oars 10 pieces
Number of sails 3 pieces
Sailing rig type - continuous rail
Sail area 39 m².
Crew 13 people
Construction of modern geeks began around the world as part of the Atlantic Challenge international youth program at the end of the last century. The advantage of this boat is its good driving performance and, most importantly, the need for well-coordinated teamwork. During the season, several sports regattas take place on the gigs, about a dozen races in St. Petersburg, since the main fleet of Russian gigs is concentrated here, and once every two years - international competitions.

Light sailboat - YAL.6,4,2

A six-oar yacht has a single-mast sailing rig, the main parts of which are a mast - a mast and rods, sails - a fore and a jib, a standing rigging - tackles for maintaining a spar, running rigging - tackles for lifting and controlling sails. The split sail consists of two sails - fore and jib, in the form of irregular quadrangles with an area of 14.6 and 5.8 square meters.

Yal (from Dutch. Jol; often called a skiff) is a light sailing boat (dinghy) or a transom rowing boat, as well as a rowing and sailing ship's boat with roller oars.

On ships, it is used for communication with the shore, work at the side (setting up mooring lines, verps, etc.), transportation of light cargo or people. Also popular for sports and tourism purposes.

There is only one mast on a six-oared yala, called the foremast and serves as a support for the sails. Made of pine or spruce (glued). Length 5.5 m.

Yal and yol are words of the same root, and there is much in common between these courts. They were originally used in Russia as synonyms. In the 19th century, yal began to be understood mainly as a rowing vessel, and yol was mainly a sailing vessel. In particular, skiffs were used to connect St. Petersburg with Kronstadt .


Yal-6 or six-oared yal is a seaworthy boat with a rack-split sailing rig. Usually made of wood, more recently plastic, propelled by oars, sails or an outboard motor. It has the following parameters: length - 6.11 m, width - 1.85 m, height from keel to gunwale (midship) - 0.91 m, weight 600-650 kg (wooden).

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

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