Our geeks take part in competitions

It should be noted that five out of six geeks were built this year by order of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg by the efforts of OOO Severny Les Parfino and took part in the races. Gichki entered the training fleet of the "Hope of the Seas" program.  


The training competition, the St. Petersburg Yacht Club Cup, was held within the framework of the "Hope of the Seas" project. This project is aimed at popularizing maritime affairs, and students from any schools in St. Petersburg could take part in the program. The competition on September 26-27 was attended by representatives of the club of young sailors "Admiralteets", cadets of the Maritime School of the Moscow region, the team of gymnasium No. 74, the school "House of the Emerald Dragon", the Center for Children's Leisure "Cascade" and the youth club "Inspiration".

A 21' South Bay Catboat By William & John Atkin, made in france - Page 4.jpg
Cooperation with the manufacturer and the customer

On the market, these floating devices are in demand, but there are not enough manufacturers, on the contrary.
LLC "Severny Les" Parfino is developing a technology for the production of sailing and rowing boats ("Captain's Gitch", Yal). - development of design documentation for sailing and rowing products - "Captain's Gitch", Yal-2, Yal-4, Yal-6.
- prototypes were made: (4 gigs, 2 Yal-6).
- running tests of prototypes were carried out.
- the product is being prepared for industrial production.

Technology and development

- High-tech assembly of products at the rate of 3 boats (gig) per month, 6 Yal per month - Sale of finished products to yacht clubs, children's and youth maritime institutions and secondary and higher naval schools of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation at the rate of 36 gigs and 72 Yalov in year.  

LLC "Severny Les" Parfino industrial production of captain's gigs and yals