What is included in the price:

  • Domokomplekt - timber, log with cups (depends on the project)

  • Delivery to the site up to 500 km.

  • Backing crown, board. (depends on the project)

  • Ground floor beams, timber. (depends on the project)

  • Interfloor beams, timber. (depends on the project)

  • Rafter system, board. (depends on the project)

  • Counter lattice, bar. (depends on the project)

  • Lathing, board. (depends on the project)

  • Scaffolding.

  • Wooden dowels.

  • Mezhventsevoy insulation made of linen jute

  • Galvanized fasteners (sliding supports, studs, hardware, nuts,)

  • Antiseptic for washers, beams and rafters

  • Installation of a washer.

  • Installation of ground floor beams and floor beams.

  • Installation of the rafter system.

  • Moisture and wind protection device.

  • Counter-lattice device.

  • Sheathing device.

  • Installation of temporary roof


  Calculated individually :

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

  • 1.Section of material (depends on the project)

  • 2. Unloading on site

  • 3.Foundation (depends on the project)