LLC "Severny Les" Parfino wooden housing construction, production and sale of lumber.

Компания «Северный лес» представляет собой завод, расположенный в Новгородской области на 7 гектарах земли, со своими цехами по глубокой переработке леса.

The company "Severny Les" specializes in providing services in the field of wooden housing construction. Our company was founded on the basis of the construction company "Piterstoyproekt" in 2000, which has established itself as a reliable partner, always fulfilling its obligations both to the customer and to the suppliers. Today we are a stable and successfully developing construction company offering a wide range of construction works and services in the market of both St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, and in other regions of Russia. We have a lot of commissioned objects on our account, and in turn we can say that all the work was done by us with proper quality and on time. The company "Severny Les" is a factory located in the Novgorod region on 7 hectares of land, with its own workshops for deep processing of wood. Construction of wooden houses. design. woodworking production. baths log cabins